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A new claim and new logo to face the new challenges of the future.

The Cadí Moixeró Natural Park is an incomparable setting in which to run and take delight in nature. A gem that must be preserved so that both current and future generations can continue to enjoy it forever.  

Since its first year, the organization of the Salomon Ultra Pirineu and the Cadí Moixeró Natural Park have worked in concert to ensure that the race has no impact on the nature reserve. There are limits on the number of participants, the trails are cleaned after the race to leave them in better conditions than before, the race date is set at a time that doesn’t interfere with species reproduction, and the routes use already-existing trails. These factors, together with the commitment to guarantee that the participants do not leave the marked trails, among other measures, have meant that post-race studies carried out by the nature reserve always show that the race’s impact has been almost unnoticeable. 

However, the fact that the race does not have a directly negative impact on the nature reserve does not mean that it does not have one on the planet. As is the case with all human activity, we generate a carbon footprint and rubbish, and we have to improve.

Therefore, for several years we have been working with our runners, our sponsors and the collaborators and territorial entities involved with the event in order to reduce, reuse and recycle all the material that we use in the race, as well as to minimize our carbon footprint. 

We all have to reduce our impact on the planet; but in our case, moreover, we feel we have the additional obligation to use our media presence to ensure that more and more people are participating in the race against time towards sustainability and against climate change. Because all of us, whether we like it or not, are obliged to participate.

This is why starting tomorrow in this blog we will begin to explain the actions we have taken and that we will take, whether actions of our own or of those who accompany us, to show that there are times when small collective efforts can bring about spectacular results.  

And to give the starting shot to this new phase, we will begin by introducing our new slogan, “Running to the future”, and the new logo that will accompany us as of now. It is inspired by the previous one, but is more modern and more prominently features our race’s natural icon: the Pedraforca!